Employment consultancy

Within the employment consultancy services we advise and manage everything concerned with the day-to-day business of the company in the labour relations area, providing fast, efficient execution of the tasks entrusted to our team.

We also provide counsel and representation in the event of any corporate or private labour conflicts that may arise.

Advice and comprehensive management

How can we help?

We can help you with:

Company registration, affiliation, addition and cancellation workers with the Social Security

Counsel and representation in the event of labour inspections.

Consultancy y submission of applications to the public employment service (SEPE) for unemployment benefits and subsidies

Employment contracts, payroll and social security payments

Consultancy and submission of contributory and non-contributary benefits with the National Institute of Social Security

Consultancy and legal labour-related defence for companies and workers

Customised. constantly-updated consultancy

Our team is composed of qualified experts who will analyse and manage all the labour-related issues that affect your business and deal with the conflicts that may affect the labour relations of any citizen.


Efficacy and rigour in labour law


Experienced, highly-trained team

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